With so many video platform choices such as Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Vine, Periscope, Meerkat, Google Hangouts, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn Professional Portfolio and more which one is best for you & your business?


I guess the first question is…


Video is the new black…. Video is winning out over all other forms of media, Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. This is because if people want to know something they are more likely to watch a video about it then read about it. It also helps that mobile phone bills no longer are as limited with downloads, and as phone companies offer even cheaper data plans, video will become even more accessible to people daily.

The great part about video is that it includes the human element to the whole experience which is especially great for a business. It makes the experience easier for the consumer and allows the consumer to feel more connected with the brand.

I have had this discussion with many business owners about just how great video is for business. I have created marketing strategies based around video for various businesses from an antique dealer to a relationship therapist. Video’s make connecting with people not only more personal but also gives you the ability to direct your message at many people at the same time.


The second thing you need to ask yourself is:


What can you use video for in your business? Can you teach something, show a “behind the scenes” peek, tips, features, help information, funny videos, personal videos, testimonials, advice, or is there something else?

Every business can use video in some way. In some cases you want a “talking head” (face talking to camera) or in others you will need to show how something works. This might be a video on an item, or it might be that you share your computer screen.

You will need to first work out who you are targeting. A client of mine made the mistake of showing how her product was made. This video was not correct for the people she wanted to sell to, all she was doing was showing more people how to do it themselves which meant less people would buy it… And the fact it was a craft item meant the people searching for this video were probably never likely to buy it in the first place.

To make the most of your time you want to create videos that will make people be your raving fans, want to buy from you, or help them once they have bought from you.


Here are the current main platforms and what each one is best for: (this list is in no way complete, I have only chosen the “main” current platforms)

  • Youtube 

You can film videos in your own time and upload at anytime.

Embed into your website

Any style of video

Add the right keywords and description and people will find your video

CONS: Doesn’t look great embedded into your site

  • Vimeo

You can film videos in your own time and upload at anytime.

Embed into your website (looks lovely on your site)

Any style of video

CONS: Not many people searching Vimeo so not a place to get many new leads

  • Instagram

15 second videos

Great if you have an Instagram following

Use the right hashtags

CONS: Can’t embed into your site, 15 seconds only

  • Vine

6 second videos

Great if you have an Vine following

Use the right hashtags

CONS: Can’t embed into your site, 6 seconds only, A very limited target audience

  • Periscope

Live stream

It’s new so not many people are here yet and we can’t be sure if it is here to stay

Automatic recording so you can share the recording afterwards

Filmed in portrait mode (not great for wide shots)

CONS: Viewers cannot download the footage, you can only privately stream with people who follow you back already, viewers comments obscure the screen, hard to promote before the event.

  • Meerkat

Live stream

To be involved in the live event – IOS only

Can be watched via a link in any browser (just no chance to engage)

Add a Call-To-Action and link so people can be redirected to a web page

CONS: No replays!! No saving the event

  • Google Hangouts

A webinar style platform

Live stream

You can have more than 1 speaker

Can be public or private

Set up easily, many options

Can be viewed on any device

CONS: Not always a great connection, people can get bumped off due to system issues

  • Facebook

1-2 minute videos

People are always looking through their facebook feed

Great for Facebook ads

CONS: Volume starts in off position, cannot embed into your website

  • Google+

Great if your audience is here

CONS: Is your audience here?

  • LinkedIn Professional Portfolio

Great if your audience is here

This is more of a place to add 1 video explaining yourself or your business.

CONS: Is your audience here?



I highly recommend video. I tell my coaching clients to find a way to make it work from them.

1 thing you must decide is how often you want to be creating new content.

For instants, if you want to create a weekly video then Periscope might be great for you. With a place like periscope you need to build an audience over time and each time you will have more and more people join your tribe.

If you want to add new videos once every few months then forget Periscope as you will have 6 people join it and by the time you are ready for another live stream you will need to build your tribe again.

If you want an event that people must attend live then Google hangouts will be a great solution for you.

If you are super artistic or on the crazy side then you might be smart enough to get your message down to 6 seconds in a Vine video (go watch how smart some people are)

If you have a large Instagram following then work out how to create square videos that are no longer than 15 secs. Not many people are doing video on Instagram yet so you will have a huge opportunity there.

If you want to create how-to’s and training then Youtube maybe the place for you. I use both Youtube and Vimeo in my business. I use Youtube to get public views, but I also add my videos to my Vimeo account and that is what I would embed into my website as the videos look better (Except I don’t add it to Vimeo for my Vlog as I don’t want to create extra work for myself).

You need to take a look at all the options and work out what feels best to you.


Yep! I know that feeling! My first 2 years creating videos was the most horrible thing I had to do in my business. The only reason I persisted is that I don’t give up easily!

1 very important piece of advice when first getting in front of a camera…. Practice for a few minutes every day for at least month before you even TRY to do something seriously! I PROMISE this will change EVERYTHING!!! Every time you create a practice recording watch it back and look at what you are doing. Are you speaking too quickly? Too slowly? Are you itching your nose or cocking your head to the side. The first few times are painful to watch, but trust me it is SUPER IMPORTANT to do this! As you watch each video back and see what you need to change, you will make those changes and start to love what you see. I use to take 6 hours to film a 5 minute video. Now I can almost go straight through without a hitch!


JUST DO IT! Try out video in your business. If you want more advice join my bootcamp where I will be able to help you grow your community and help you get people getting to know, like and trust you!

I rescue entrepreneurs from overwhelm and help in creating their marketing & business strategy to create the perfect lifestyle business. With over 15 years of marketing and business ownership experience I know all about the highs and the lows of being in business. I am not a business coach in the normal sense, I am more of a marketing coach/mentor for online businesses. After having been through the ups and downs of business my biggest piece of advice for the fastest way to success is with the help of someone who has been there before. I have been fortunate enough to be sought after as an expert in my industry and been seen on channel 9, published in magazines such as Vogue & Women’s Day and have spoken on many stages for high level business events. I understand how to grow and sustain a business long-term. With a background including marketing, PR and experience in a wide variety of businesses which provides a very powerful combination that helps her leverage my clients potential. Specializing in lead generation by creating savvy automated sales funnels and outstanding sales pages, which will attract an audience, build your customer list, and generate revenue. I believe the key to success is planning.