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January 26, 2016
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What is takes to be successful – The story of the women who couldn’t afford her electricity bill until 3 days ago…

I wanted to share this extraordinary story to prove to anyone who has yet to make it that it is possible!

This is the story of Vivienne, who has a wealth of knowledge but just couldn’t monetize her idea on her own.

Mid last year I met the wonderful Vivienne online through a networking group. Over a few months we spoke/messaged on a few occasions. She made it very clear she couldn’t afford me and desperately wanted to work with me and would do her best to find the money.

Fastword six months and she contacted me to ask if she could pay me $50 to pick my brain. I loved what she was doing as it was so unique and I could see the huge potential in her business. During that 20min session I gave her a few key tasks to go away and do.

Fast forward another 3 months and I spoke with her again, I asked how she went with the tasks I set. She had taken care of all of them and explained to me how helpful my tasks had been. I realised at that moment she was even more dedicated and passionate than I expected and I asked how she wanted to move forward. She told me once again she couldn’t afford her heating bill let alone afford me.

See here’s the thing…. There are times you need to use your credit card to pay for that coaching opportunity and then there is the time your kids and bills are more important, and that is not the time to spend money on your business.

Vivienne has been working towards this for over 10 years. She is extremely smart, savvy and absolutely dedicated to working hard. She just didn’t have the something extra. It’s that something extra that you need for success. In Vivienne’s case she is the expert in her products and services, trying to be the expert in the marketing as well is just too much to expect.

There was something about Vivienne and what she was creating that I saw huge potential in. So I offered her a partnership option. This is where I take the huge risk, I take nothing upfront and work to get paid if all goes as I expected. This means both Vivienne and I only get paid if what I recommend REALLY works!

None of the BS “business coaching” where the business coach reads from a book and tells you to do some FB ads! NO! I created a personalized strategy JUST FOR Vivienne, based on her business.

This is how it works…. I only get money if my strategy works…. That is how much I believed in my own ability and what she is doing. I have worked with many clients helping them build successful businesses from scratch, so I knew with Vivienne’s business I could take her to the next level.

We have currently started this journey together and we will launch officially in 2 weeks. We are currently holding a soft launch which is already looking to go above our expected goal!

2 weeks ago her website was old and unsightly, she didn’t have a membership site or affiliate program. In this short time my team and I have created a stunning new website, an integrated membership site, her own affiliate program, banners, a plan, new images, copy, new email autoresponder and so much more.

Here we stand today, with Vivienne going from having a great idea to now having an awesome business she can be proud of. Many people wouldn’t have said yes to the % I required as a profit share. But here’s the thing…. It’s better to take a smaller percentage of something, rather than 0% of nothing! When either party doesn’t have skin in the game it is much easier to walk away.



I rescue entrepreneurs from overwhelm and help in creating their marketing & business strategy to create the perfect lifestyle business. With over 15 years of marketing and business ownership experience I know all about the highs and the lows of being in business. I am not a business coach in the normal sense, I am more of a marketing coach/mentor for online businesses. After having been through the ups and downs of business my biggest piece of advice for the fastest way to success is with the help of someone who has been there before. I have been fortunate enough to be sought after as an expert in my industry and been seen on channel 9, published in magazines such as Vogue & Women’s Day and have spoken on many stages for high level business events. I understand how to grow and sustain a business long-term. With a background including marketing, PR and experience in a wide variety of businesses which provides a very powerful combination that helps her leverage my clients potential. Specializing in lead generation by creating savvy automated sales funnels and outstanding sales pages, which will attract an audience, build your customer list, and generate revenue. I believe the key to success is planning.