For eCommerce store owners Instagram is the PLACE TO BE! Here are my predictions for what’s to come in 2017 with the biggest Instagram marketing trends! From clickable Instagram links to shoppable feeds! Here are my favorite Instagram marketing trends for 2017:

Instagram Marketing Trend #1

Clickable Links On Photos


This is going to be HUGE!!!!!!!!! I never understood this, as for years, the only place you’ve been able to click on a link is through the link in your bio. Which when on a mobile was just plain crazy! AND even crazier, becuase in the Instagram app on the iPhone you couldn’t even copy and paste the link to the web browser. This was such a “barrier to entry” when it came to trying to make sales.

Until now small businesses and brands had to get creative when it came to making sales and driving traffic from Instagram to thier website especially using the text “Link in bio!”.

Now this has only started rolling out, and if you are not currently in the USA then you wont be able to see this feature yet.

instagram marketing trends 2017

This new feature is called Instagram shopping and the See More’ Links. And don’t forget there are other Instagram apps that can make your Instagram feed shoppable – such as the one I use Snapppt. I don’t think there will ever just be a time where you can add all the links like Facebook, however it will become much easier to have people buy from you!

Instagram Marketing Trend #2

Instagram Stories Will Dominates Snapchat


If you have been like me and not sure the point of Snapchat (AKA too old to understand the point), then you will be happy to know that Snapchat is no longer the “ARE YOU CRAZY FOR NOT USING SNAPCHAT FOR YOUR BUSINESS”….. Now Instagram has that position back!

Ok, so Snapchat stories has all those fun filters, geo-filters, and stickers…. but how often could you seriously use the devil cat in your advertising?

Instagram recently launched stickers…. which looks just like Snapchat’s stickers. As with Snapchat, you can find different stickers based on the weather, current time, and your location.

As a business owner you should seriously invest in creating your Instagram Stories strategy now, because it’s only going to get bigger in 2017. While some people are saying Snapchat is still going strong, I am a believer in doing 1 thing well… so pick what suits you are GO FOR IT!

Instagram Marketing Trend #3

Instagram Will Seriously Drive eCommerce Sales in 2017


Since Facebook took over Instagram it has grown a lot as a platform, It now offers business profiles and analytics. One reason is that Instagram wants businesses to spend more money with them, but I don’t see this as a bad thing. I see it as 1 more layer to your marketing. You don’t need to use Instagram ad to make sales, and in 2017 you can expect a huge increase in revenue from Instagram.


Here are the stats that you need to know!

  • There are 600 million monthly ACTIVE users
  • 20% of people who use the internet use Instagram
  • Instagram users is growing at 16% every month
  • 10% of users are over 35 years old

And a huge statistic you need to know 60% of buying decisions are made on mobile devices.

Get ahead of your competition.

Using apps such as Snapppt you can be sure that you are helping your followers buy what they want. Don’t you have the must have item? Isn’t your product better than anything else out there? Between your efforts and Instagrams updates, you can easily make an extra $100,000 plus this year just from Instagram.

This is just how easy Snappt is for your follower:

The 3 main reasons why Instagram is perfect for eCommerce stores is that it is:

1. Visual

2. Mobile-first

3. High trust factor – as it’s seen as a more “authentic” channel than Twitter or Facebook.

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 $2017 per week from Instagram in 2017

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