Firstly I would like to say I love re-targeting/re-marketing(Google’s brand). It is effective, efficient, makes the most of your lead generation activities both paid and free and saves you money. I can’t see a downside.

However you need to understand what is going on behind the scenes…. I have set up many campaigns for clients and this was the first time it was so black and white in my face so this has been a perfect example to use.

I knew there is many things to take into consideration but I never looked so closely at is as it has been working fine. It is only now that I wanted to understand exactly what was going on.

Now, what I am about to say is the same accoss all retargeting – Facebook, Google, Adroll and Perfect Audience. I use Perfect Audience the most as I find it has the most features. However Google is great for Youtube ads and Facebook is good if you only want Facebook.

Last week I set up my clients Perfect Audience account. Once you set this up you need to wait a little while (they say until you hit 1000 tracked IP’s but it is not necessary). After I had set it up, a few days later I checked and in a 2 day period I had 258 unique visitors to my clients website, BUT ONLY 2 people had been tracked for retargeting!!!!!!! That was shocking to me so I decided to do a little digging. I emailed PA and asked them. This is thier response.

Hi Caroline,

Our stats only measure the number of unique people who we cookie.  That rules out a lot of users.  The questions to ask are:

What % of your traffic is non-desktop?  (We only cookie desktop browser visitors)

What % of your traffic is Safari?  (Safari blocks 3rd party cookies)

What % of your traffic is running adblock?  

What % of your traffic is blocking cookies?  

What % of your traffic has javascript disabled?

In addition, we don’t count users we’ve already cookied. If the same person comes to your site three days in a row, your analytics might display that as one visit each day. We would only count that user one time since we cookied them the first day they visited your site.

When you correct for these things, we find that other analytics numbers tend to line up fairly well with what we’re showing.

All the best,

The PA Team

So I checked this today

258 unique views

– mobile users 130

-safari browsers 51

That brings me down to only 77 people. NOW how many of those have ad block, and the rest of those things PA are talking about? I guess 75 of them!

This client is targeting photographers, what she told me is that most photographers use safari as their web browser which blocks cookies!

I am not saying that this is bad or wrong. This is just how it is. It is just important that you are aware of this. This means that when you promote to your retargeting list and you think you are targeting everyone who comes to your site or you see only 2 people clicked, don’t feel discouraged, it is just the way retargeting works.

It is especially important that you know this if you are only running facebook retargeting ads as your whole advertising campaign. You might see 1000 people a day on your site and think you are targeting all of them, when in truth you are targeting far fewer and wondering why you not getting the response you expected.

Diversify your marketing across different platforms and different options.

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