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May 21, 2015
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[The lows of business] Emails

I have been running my marketing business for 6 years now and recently decided to create a new site about life as an entrepreneur. This whole site was designed to help entrepreneurs with training, resources and to give an overview of my entrepreneurial experiences. My first post here was going to be positive and happy and all about how much I love my life as an entrepreneur… but then today happened….

And then I remembered that sometimes being an entrepreneur can really suck, it can be overwhelming and can leave you in tears…

But today I am not in tears and not even as frustrated as I have been at times. But I am disappointed… Disappointed with my email management system… I have not been able to send any emails all day. The whole system is down. There were 2 emails I wanted to send to 2 different email lists I have. They were both important and I really needed to send them today. But it just couldn’t happen. I contacted the company and they said they would look into it, that was 10 hours ago. I am about to head to bed so I quickly logged in to check if I could do it now, but no. It’s still down….

And to make matters even worse they are not around to help me with my enquiry. My URGENT enquiry.

In the past I would of yelled a few foul words at my laptop wishing the staff could hear me, but today I just shrugged my shoulders and realised that I can’t really do much about it. Yes I am not happy at all. One of the emails was about a entrepreneur summit I was part of and the summit was only live for the next 24 hours. So it means that by the time I get up tomorrow, even if the system is working I will be too late to tell my email list.

I have used many systems and after having issues from many systems I am currently using Activate Campaign, I have shouted their name from the rooftops and have been so impressed with them. But about 3 weeks ago they did a whole system upgrade, a new drag and drop and many other features. I have been impressed! It has been great to use and they have really improved the user experience. But today that all changed… I am so disappointed in them. When I put in my complaint 6 hours ago they said they would get back to me… and I heard nothing. I still have the same issue and now another one. The live chat person “looked into it” but there has not been a solution yet.

As much as I can hate them I am more disappointed that they are not organised and not on top of the fact they should’ve expected these issues after their big upgrade.

My clients expect me to be ready for everything that happens and even when it has nothing to do with me some like to expect me to fix it. So how a company of this size was not ready to provide tech support is beyond me!

We can all learn something from this… Be ready for something to go wrong when you make changes to your systems.

I have also come to learn that these things come with the territory of being an entrepreneur. We laugh, we cry, we have success and we have to put up with other people’s/businesses failures…. We can’t control it all no matter how hard we try.

So my leads miss out on seeing my recent fantastic interview, I will ask the summit organisers to provide me a copy of the video so my email list doesn’t need to pay to watch it. Hopefully the summit organisers agree.

This is not the worst thing that happens being an entrepreneur, it’s just part of the journey.



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