I want to make it easy for you! Of course this is not a full list, but it is the main options available as of today (updated Sep 2016)

I am going to keep this short and to the point based on what business owners really need to know! There is only one option for really selling directly from IG but it is not a price point for the average business (I will explain later). And I am sure this will change over the coming months as it is in the best interest for Instagram to offer buying pins. So for now here is the list that will help you decide which app is best for you!

Like2have.it –  In your bio add a link to YOUR website – You will need to link to a newly created page which has your Instagram feed on the page. People click your bio link. The user can scroll through your instagram images, there are numbers on the items for sale. When they click a popup lightbox shows and the items for sale are displayed there as a shopping cart. This is great as it keeps people on your website. And sometimes the picture on Instagram makes the product look very different than it does on your website as a “stock” image, which makes this a great way for people can view exactly what they saw on IG. The best part is you pay a flat $20 monthly fee.

Have2have.it –  With this app you add the link to your bio. People click through to your Instagram images of your stock on havetohave.it (you can capture thier email addresses which is a fantastic feature!). The user can scroll through your instagram images, if they click on an image they are sent direct to your website page with that item. (When the item is there!). This is an extra layer to send people to your website. The reason why this works is that if you only have a general link to your site from your bio, people click to a general page, this way they are able to click to a clickable instagram page and click again on the picture they had been looking at. This is great if your picture on Instagram make the product look different than it does on your website, then this is great so the product is easy to find. The price you pay is based on the clicks you get.

linkinprofile.com – Don’t confuse this with linkedin! This is great if you want to connect to other websites, pages, blog…. anything. A little slow at the moment as it is just new, but probably now my favorite cheapest option. Havetohave.it is better for the fact you get to ask for and email address I would be using that for a “get 15% off your first order”.

Soldsie – Comment selling. This is interesting. It means people need use a hashtag to purchase the item. I understand the point, but I don’t find this very user friendly.

Instashow – I am not a fan of this. I don’t really see any point to it. It really doesn’t have an features that integrate into your website. To do honest it looks like a waste of money! This just allows you to add other feeds and change the colour…. Really not worth it.

Foursixty – This is my favorite by far. This allows you to direct people straight to your own website. Once the user lands on your Instagram page and they click on a photo, that photo shows all items in that photo. Definitively the easiest to use and by getting the user directly to your website you have the most chance to keep them there! AND worst case if they leave your site without buying you can retarget the user who landed on that page.

Letsell.It and other app based options – These are not directly linked to Shopify- But you will hear people telling you to use this “as it is better than your shopify store”. I don’t like these when they expect a user to also download the app. Downloading unnecessary apps will lose you way more buyer than it will bring in. I never recommend this as a normal/small business.

Your own link in your bio – You have 2 options 1. You can have a link to a page with your Instagram feed embedded into it, however the images are not clickable back to your products.  2. A link to your online store – However this can confuse people when the pictures are not the same as your feed.


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