So you’re killing it on Amazon…..
Sitting back enjoying the fruit of your labor…..
Enjoying your success and hoping this will go on forever….
 But suddenly you have been hearing
all this talk about needing a

It’s true, keeping all your eggs in one basket
is not good, but on top of that,
building out a whole business
on someone else's platform
is not wise in this day an age….
If you already have a platform setup
(hopefully Shopify, as it gets excellent results)

 but you have been sitting back and
waiting for something…. THIS IS IT!

 But you are probably thinking
“I’m not selling anything from it yet”…. YEP!

 That’s because it is not setup properly! 

Your own eCommerce platform is nothing like Amazon.
Running these 2 businesses are totally different.

 The only thing it may have in common
is the items you sell.

 The marketing is different and
the mindset of your audience is different.

 You need to make sure you are target
the RIGHT people the RIGHT way!
I recently helped out Matt Ward of the FBA Allstars Podcast,
and even though he had done a great job with his Shopify site,
we changed more than 20 things on his website!

Some small, some not so small….
But by the end of it Matt could see exactly
how much better his site was.
 The reason for needing these changes,
mainly came down to the fact that
even though the people he is targeting are the same,
the actual WAY he is targeting them is different!

 Matt had spend $250 on advertising
to his new site and got $0 sales…..
And that was in 2 weeks.

If he kept going down this path he would
lose $1000’s trying to work it all out,
then there is the frustration and waste of time…..
My no BS approach will have your website
ready for sales in a few hours.

 If you missed it, listen to Matt’s account
of working with me here:

After our first session he is now
ready to turn his ads back on
and get cracking in getting sales to his site!
Here is how
I can help you: 

Stage 1
2 hour call - A website critic - We will walk through your website step-by-step and make sure everything is exactly as it needs to be.
+  general marketing ideas session
+ 30 minute follow up call
+ email support for 14 days
Stage 2
Everything in stage 1 and...
12 month marketing plan outline- Work out your long term ecommerce strategy. 
(integrated with your Amazon account and any other platform you use)
Together we will sketch out a full plan or
paid and free advertising/promotions
+ 2 x 30 minute follow up calls
+ email support for 30 days
+ access to my SOP's
+ every marketing strategy I use in
my businesses and clients businesses
What is this worth to you?
If you went and spent $1000 on ads
this month to test the market to no avail,
then THAT would be a total waste of money!
What if you went from a 0% conversion
to a 5% conversion in just 14 days?
 What are 100 sales worth to your business?

 Well depending on your price points
I maybe cheaper than that!
 You don’t need to second guess your website,
you don’t need to rely only on Amazon,
you don’t need to spend $1000’s
guessing and testing the market….

 Sit down with me
(via Skype - or a coffee if we are in the same city)
and let me help you find that sweet spot,
the winning formula for your eCommerce store.

Please note:
In general I do not discuss other clients
Amazon > Shopify sites due to the competitive
nature of this industry.

I’ve helped over 10,000 entrepreneurs with high level training to master their own businesses their way.

My passion is to help people like you worldwide, leave the “Rat Race”, and create a business that will help you live your life on your own terms! Whether that is for the chance to relax, travel or for more time with kids! YOU DECIDE! I will help you!

eCommerce is the easiest way to create this lifestyle! Join my community and make your online store profitable with the support of my experience, training and stories of other business owners that have been through the same struggles as you.
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My mission is to support eCommerce entrepreneurs in delivering their value to the world by removing the burden of technology and helping them automating their business. If you join the Amazon Plan B and for any reason you don't feel you get value from the program please email me for a 100% refund!