Last week I sat down with Martina from Hair Over Heel to work on her social media strategy. Having a great eCommerce marketing plan is the difference between success and failure.


Outline Of The Business:

Martina has started an ecommerce store selling and renting hair extensions to women. The hair pieces are high end – high quality and environmentally friendly (most hair used for hair pieces are Acid washed which means harmful chemicals are being washed into the environment). Martina not only sources the best quality european hair but it is packaged in keeping with her beliefs of natural is best.

Martina has currently got no followers on Instagram or any other social media and no email list specifically targeting women who want to buy hair extensions.

This industry is flooded with competitors in the UK, USA and Australia and after 6 months of research Martina realised that europe is an untapped market.


Martina’s Goal:

Tell find women who realise they need hair extensions, either as they have thinning hair, are getting married or want “Victoria Secrets” hair. Her goal is to sell €200,000 worth of hair extensions in the next 12 months.


Promotional Platforms:

After speaking to Martina about her needs and requirements, we came to the agreement Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Pinterest are great places for Martina to promote her brand. Each platform has a large number of women in her target audience.


The Customer:
There are 2 parts to Martina’s business, the rental and the purchase. She hopes that rental customers will become a customer for a sale.

There is almost no repeat business in the sale of high quality hair extensions. Once purchased this customer doesn’t have a need to purchase again unless they change thier hair colour.

For this reason Martina will be selling other items such as brushes and other hair items.

The target audience is 2 parts:

1) Women getting married who want long luscious hair but don’t want to purchase the hair extension as they don’t intend to use it again.

2) Women over 30 with disposable income who want beautiful hair, whether it is because their hair is not thick or long enough, or they just want more.


The Strategy Overview:

I am all about getting success with the LEAST amount of work possible! So this full strategy is all about doing 1 thing and using it multiple times. If you can create 1 piece of content (Video, PDF, photos, audio, ect…) and use it across platforms then you are saving many hours of your time and money. I would rather have 1 really good piece of content than 10 pieces of rubbish.

The general format of this strategy would be

1. Create great videos of “how to’s”.

2. Cut videos for YT and IG.

3. Create Pintrest posts about the videos.

4. Post everything on FB.


Youtube Strategy:

Post videos on Youtube which are engaging to the audience. Think about what people type into Youtube about your product “how to put in hair extensions” “how to do my hair for a wedding”. Create videos like this using your skill as a hairdresser.

As an eCommerce store, videos are highly under utilized and are the best way to get customers due to this being the closest way a customer can “try before they buy”.

Find a range of different models who would show a range of different looks for the videos is a must. Videos must be as short as possible.

Use the correct keywords for the tags, a super keyword rich title and a long description to help people find your videos.


The Instagram Strategy: 

Martina has over 15 years experience as a hairstylist. This is a great reason to use her skills and knowledge to show people how these extension will help them.

My recommendations are as follows:

1. Get more followers in europe – Find competitors or other brands with the same audience. This includes fashion brands, hair salons, beauty brands. Once she finds these brands Martina must follow the people following the brand. Like and comment on these people’s photos.

2. Thank people for following – She can not only thank people who write a comment, send a private message as well. A short message of thanks, “hi xxx, go check out my website for this month’s special offer” will be a huge success with your group.

3. Posting lots of great content at the right time – This is super important, there are apps such as that helps a company be able to post content regularly.

4. Hashtags – Use relevant hashtags, don’t just use the big ones everyone uses, these are not getting you the right follower.

4. Videos – From the videos created for Youtube break it down into max 60 second videos to post on Instagram. Link and use hashtags to get people back to your website to see the videos. Don’t send people to the Youtube channel, create a page on the website with the videos embedded.

5. Removing sales posts – Make sure to remove the “sales” posts. They clog up the feed and look tacky. acutally allows you to automaticly remove the posts after a set amount of hours!


The Pintrest Strategy:

After creating a videos, create a simple “6 step how to” post, with nice images of how to do whatever was showed in the video. Under the pinterest post link to the video (on the business website) and in the description write “see the how to video of xxx here”. Just like Instagram follow people who are following the competitors or find brands with the same target audience and follow those followers.


The Facebook Strategy:

Post almost everything that was posted on Pinterest, IG and Youtube must be posted on the business FB page. Martina to share this in FB groups and on her private page. Also promote as many posts as possible for the minimum amount per day when starting out.


Next step:

Martina has 2 options now. She can either do it herself or she can have help implementing much of this. Of course, as Martina has the skill of being a high level hair stylist she is the best person to create the how to videos.

Uploading, sharing and creating the content around editing videos, creating pdf’s, downloads, Instagram posts, sales posts, following people, commenting on posts, maintaining social media is many hours of work.

Be realist and work out how much time this will take you and what these hours are worth to you and what you are better off doing.

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