If you are just starting out with Facebook Ads Manager or operating on a tight budget? Here is my “start-from-scratch” approach with your first $100 in Facebook ad spend.


I am going to cover:

  • The best strategy to get conversions on Facebook.
  • The fastest way to turn a losing campaign into a winning campaign.
  • The 3-Step explanation formula to get people to buy your product.


Without a doubt the BEST solution for your eCommerce store at the time of writing this is video ads. Hand down by far! Especially if you are wanting to go to a straight sale.

This works best with products $7-$50. Of course you can sell higher priced products, but you might need more than $100 to begin with, as you need to spend more more to convince people into why they need to purchase your products.

Firstly you need to know what you are selling. Is it A something you need to explain (something different, new version, never been seen product) or B is it something they already understand, have seen before?

Here is the strategy I recommend for each option.

A) The 3-Step explanation formula – How to create the perfect sales video. Watch my video here about creating a video that people WANT to watch. Make sure you spend you time on your video. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, but make sure you include the following. 1 to 10 minutes.

  1. STOP THE SCROLL – You need to “sell” the reason to stop scrolling and to click. Also use text overlay on your video for at least the first 10 seconds. To make them want to turn up the sound.
  2. EDUCATE/INFORM WITH EXCITEMENT AND HUMOR  – No matter how “boring your product is, you CAN get people interested. Let’s say you sell socks…. How can you bring a new level of excitement to socks?
  3. CALL-TO-ACTION – How can people buy, don’t make this “cheesy” be real and honest. Show text with “click the link below to buy”.

A) Shorter explainer videos. You may want to create a quick time-laps video on your product being used, with a call-to-action at the end.

You can use Fiverr, screenflow, camtasia, iMovie.

2 offers I recommend:

  1. Free plus shipping
  2. Discount on first offer – capture emails for the coupon code (this way if they don’t buy you still have thier email).

Create 4 targeted audience based on interests, person’s information.

Create 1 ad to each different audience and put $5 a day into each ad set. Watch for 3 days, turn off the ads that are not getting great results and with the other ads start to SLOWLY increase the budget.


Don’t forget to do everything to capture the person’s email, this way if they don’t buy you can still contact them with other offers!

If you want help with your FB ads I am offering a free 15min consultation to help get you started. Just send an email to caroline@justaskparker.com to learn more.

I rescue entrepreneurs from overwhelm and help in creating their marketing & business strategy to create the perfect lifestyle business. With over 15 years of marketing and business ownership experience I know all about the highs and the lows of being in business. I am not a business coach in the normal sense, I am more of a marketing coach/mentor for online businesses. After having been through the ups and downs of business my biggest piece of advice for the fastest way to success is with the help of someone who has been there before. I have been fortunate enough to be sought after as an expert in my industry and been seen on channel 9, published in magazines such as Vogue & Women’s Day and have spoken on many stages for high level business events. I understand how to grow and sustain a business long-term. With a background including marketing, PR and experience in a wide variety of businesses which provides a very powerful combination that helps her leverage my clients potential. Specializing in lead generation by creating savvy automated sales funnels and outstanding sales pages, which will attract an audience, build your customer list, and generate revenue. I believe the key to success is planning.