December 31, 2016

The Top 3 Instagram Marketing Trends for 2017

For eCommerce store owners Instagram is the PLACE TO BE! Here are my predictions for what’s to come in 2017 with the biggest Instagram marketing trends! From […]
September 17, 2016

The $500K Challenge – How I Am Going to Make $500,000 in the Next 12 Months From 1 Online Store

The $500K Challenge I am going to put my money where my mouth is and show you how I am going to reach my $500K target […]
August 14, 2016

Instagram & Youtube Case Study – Hair Over Heel

Last week I sat down with Martina from Hair Over Heel to work on her social media strategy. Having a great eCommerce marketing plan is the difference […]
August 7, 2016

Breakthrough Session With eCommerce Store Little Miss Stationary

In this session with Sharlene we discuss her eCommerce store Little Miss Stationary. We discuss her facebook, her target audience, her brand. We go deep on […]
March 7, 2016

Creating the perfect life!

I love my crazy life. I have a team of people who help me do what I do best. This last 12 months I have travelled […]
February 22, 2016

What is takes to be successful – The story of the women who couldn’t afford her electricity bill until 3 days ago…

I wanted to share this extraordinary story to prove to anyone who has yet to make it that it is possible! This is the story of […]