Hi, Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I know you are busy and you might even be frustrated and overwhelmed by all the information you are meant to know about marketing your business online. Well you’re not alone! 99% of my clients have been in that position before working with me.

What makes me different from all the other marketing people out there is that I have run 12 businesses over the years.

“Everything I do is to support, encourage & inspire others so they

can realise their LIMITLESS POTENTIAL” 

Here’s the thing… When I talk to marketing professionals they never truly understand what a business owner is going through, the average marketing person doesn’t understand about product creation, sourcing items, freight, and all those other pesky little things it takes to run a sustainable business….. But I do…..

Many of my businesses I sold for a profit, and some I keep to this day. The reason my clients love working with me is that I have experience across so many fields that I understand not only the marketing side, but also the business side. I have had my own shoe label making large size ladies shoes where I was manufacturing out of China and Indonesia, I also ran the #1 hair and makeup agency in Melbourne with a team of 12.  I had an events business where we would organise unusual experiences for singles. I owned  a holiday rental before AirBnB was around and came up with some very clever marketing ideas. I had my hairdressing salon located in the heart of Melbourne catering to Melbourne’s models and actors, and I co-owned a gadgets business.

I understand the pressures and the daily work involved….

Why is this so important? Because I know how to A) Make things happen FAST and B) That it is important to balance taking care of the marketing solution that makes the most money at the cheapest price.

I have a crazy obsession with automating processes in your business so you can work less and make more money. 

Why did you start a business? To own a job? So your business can have control over your lifestyle? I think not!

I know that feeling! I lived it. I saw what working in your business can do to your life.  I saw my father never come home before 9pm and never have time for us kids. Then I saw my business partner have no life and miss so much of his own children’s lives, I use to tell him to go to the school activities, but like most people he couldn’t walk away from his job.. oh I mean business.

Everyone who starts a business does it for some sense of control. Some of us also do it for money. But most business owners/entrepreneurs end up owning a job. One they can not leave, one that gives them little joy and income.

Are you trapped within your business? Do you feel like you are losing site of why your started your entrepreneurial journey?

You are not alone…

If you have not learnt how to effectively work “on” your business, instead of “in” your business, you will never be able to grow your business strategically and you will never have the quality of life you deserve and desire.

I am here to get you more clients, more sales and more money.


That means I will turn your business into a sales machine so you don’t have to be!



If you want time with your family and friends. If you would like to travel more, spend less time working, more time enjoying your success or maybe you are ready to expand your business into something far greater. Well I can show you how to have it all.

Sound interesting?

That’s because you know this is what you have been looking for… A better way…. A better way to sell what you do best. No-one knows how to do what you do, the way you do. There is no point trying to learn more “stuff”. You should just keep doing more of what you want to do.



If you are struggling to take your business to the next level,  because of a lack of support, planning, training and resources, you are in the right place. I believe in starting a business that enables you to live your dream lifestyle. Your business should work in with your lifestyle, not the other way around!



I had 3 mentors in my mid 20’s that I wasn’t paying for…. I asked them all for advice and they were more than happy to assist me. But because they had no skin in the game they didn’t give me their full attention… To cut a long story short I lost $50,000 due to a manufacturing issue. It would of been a much cheaper experience had I had a business strategist to help me. Since then I have always believed in paying others for help and for accountability.


I am a Polish born, Australian bred, currently Spanish living nomad entrepreneur who loves the beach and traveling…

  • I have 15+ years of experience as an entrepreneur. In manufacturing, services, product creation, events and hospitality.
  • I have 15+ years experience as a marketing & business strategist – helping businesses like yours grow into multiple 6 & 7 figure businesses by automating the lead generation and sales processes.
  • I’ve  helped develop and lead multi-million dollar campaigns for companies & start-ups in Australia, USA, Europe.
  • I’ve been featured on Australian Channel 9 as well as glossy magazines & web portals such as Vogue, Anthill, The Age.
  • I’ve worked with hundreds of clients in a range of industries — from health + wellness businesses, fashion companies & lifestyle brands, building companies to tech start-ups.

6 years ago I knew I had to live my biggest dream of living in Europe. Something about Australia was never really home for me. I knew it was time to leave. So it took me 3 years to remove myself from my daily business tasks. This was when I realised the benefits of automation. I did this so well that I continued to run my highly successful bridal agency for 6 months after I moved from Australia without a single client realising I no-longer lived in the country!

my life 2015

I am passionate about business and I love speaking at events about business and marketing. My goal is to invest in more businesses where I can help with the marketing and online development.