Here I am at a stunning beach apartment on the mediterranean sea, overlooking the beach. We have taken a week off to relax and go apartment hunting for something permanent here. I need to be overlooking the water as I have always lived next to the water and it is my thing…. I don’t care for going to the movies or eating chocolate ice cream when I feel depressed, I need beach so we are moving. I like to have a small place I call home, to come back to after travelling, our current location is not close enough to the sea for my liking, so we are planning to move.

At this moment I should the happiest I could ever be, a little work and lots of play time…. But I am not! I am sick! YES! I have a bad cold which is diving me insane! The main reason it is bothering me so much is that I had planned to do 6 videos for my business this week and right now I don’t have a voice at all. Yesterday I sounded like a truck driver (said my boyfriend) and today it’s gone.


Being a vegabond entrepreneur is awesome! I do what I want when I want. I travel anytime I want, I work when I want. But then things like this happen!

I had planned out my next month and have lots of things I need to do for the launch of my Bootcamp in 4 weeks. I needed to really work hard at getting these videos ready so I can get started on my pre-launch next week. But now I am a week behind.

I always try to get my to-do list done in advance so I am not running around at the last minute, but that is not always the easiest thing to accomplish.

Being a VegaBond entrepreneur does not mean life is a fairytale. If you are coming into this for the “perfect” life then RUN NOW! I don’t believe there is an absolute perfect life, EVERYONE has their issues in their business, it is what you make of them. Today I will spend my day re-organising my next 3-4 weeks so I can get everything done.


Sometimes things go the way I want… But the way to be a truly successful entrepreneur or business owner is to be ready for the problems. It’s those days that really count. I have learnt over 17 years in business that stressing is going to to help the situation, you just need to take action and work on plan B. Crap goes wrong all the time! It is how you handle it that matters.

You need to be 1 step ahead of your own plan all the time. What if….

My plan B is to work on other projects while I have no voice, I will work on a new project I was going to start after my launch.


It’s all about the plan. If you have a good plan in place you can be 1 step ahead. A plan is having a great strategy in place. Having a map of where you are going. I remember the days before I had a strategy.  Things were never smooth sailing.

This is the exact reason I created my List Alchemy Bootcamp. It is all about growing your email list, but creating a strategy to get there. Without a plan in place you can’t control your business.


I have! 12 years ago my best friend and hired a car and drove through 8 countries in Europe over 4 weeks. A few days into our trip, as a crazy idea we decided to stop using a map, we set a rule that we could only ask 3 times a day for directions. It was hilarious! We got so lost and had a best time finding new places. BUT we missed Fashion Week Milan because of it! We were invited to the first day of Fashion Week and had a few days spare so we decided to go to Barcelona to go shopping. On our way back to Milan we got terribly lost and would of been 4 our late for the event. That trip made be realise the difference between a serious business and a just for fun business.

Plans can change, Strategies can change, even your end goal can change, but you need to have a plan to get there at this moment in time.

Here’s to my last 3 days in paradise (for now!). Next week we are off to Girona for a little Gaudi inspiration and some snorkelling.


I rescue entrepreneurs from overwhelm and help in creating their marketing & business strategy to create the perfect lifestyle business. With over 15 years of marketing and business ownership experience I know all about the highs and the lows of being in business. I am not a business coach in the normal sense, I am more of a marketing coach/mentor for online businesses. After having been through the ups and downs of business my biggest piece of advice for the fastest way to success is with the help of someone who has been there before. I have been fortunate enough to be sought after as an expert in my industry and been seen on channel 9, published in magazines such as Vogue & Women’s Day and have spoken on many stages for high level business events. I understand how to grow and sustain a business long-term. With a background including marketing, PR and experience in a wide variety of businesses which provides a very powerful combination that helps her leverage my clients potential. Specializing in lead generation by creating savvy automated sales funnels and outstanding sales pages, which will attract an audience, build your customer list, and generate revenue. I believe the key to success is planning.